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You could have turned $100 into $80,100 with this ‘cryptocurrency savings’; know how to invest

Imagine if there was a savings digital of cryptocurrencies that could yield you up 80,000% per year. In this savings, you would put BRL 100 at the beginning of 2022. And if everything works out, at the end of the year you would redeem BRL 80,100 in cryptocurrencies in your account. Would you invest?

Because this savings exists, and it is called “staking”. Have you ever heard of it? Staking is an underexplored way of making money in the crypto market, but one that has recently gained notoriety among investors.

Why? Well, the gain in valuations remains the same: you continue to profit when the price of your cryptocurrency rises. However, instead of leaving your coins sitting at the brokerage house, you can put them to work for you, in a kind of “savings”, with the possibility of receiving income every day in your account.

It even seems like a prank, but by staking, you have real chances of receiving daily income in cryptocurrencies every day in your account.

And I want to tell you how:

How to let your cryptocurrencies yield up to 80,000% pa in ‘digital savings’

If you think that what I’m telling you as a joke, know that there are people who are already earning money from this practice:

“I earned more than my salary in a few days” Vinícius Bazan

“I put 100%, everything in staking” Paulo Camargo

“500 reais… Thousand reais… 2 thousand reais PER DAY! See you later, it depends on how many coins you have” Fernando Vieira

Including the Cryptoactive and Blockchain Intelligence and Research Department at empiricus, the largest independent research house in Brazil, has already started to search for the best opportunities in this market to recommend to its crypto subscribers.

Some cryptocurrency investors are already benefiting from the potential of this digital savings. And you too can be one of them.

Like? performing the staking in your cryptocurrencies (access Empiricus’ free queries here).

Do you know what this is?

Staking is when you put your cryptocurrency in to validate the protocol’s own operations, and in exchange, you can receive a reward. What would this reward be? You earn more cryptocurrencies than what you had initially.

Nowadays, it is the main way to get passive income through cryptocurrencies. And for this reason, demand is so high that the media does not stop writing about it:

Titled article "Staking: How To Earn Income From Your Cryptocurrencies Without Doing Almost Anything"
Source: Money Times.
Titled article "What is staking and how to get passive income with cryptocurrencies"
Source: The Capital Advisor.

But if money doesn’t fall from the sky, where do the staking returns come from?

Before you get into the digital savings of staking, there are a few things you need to know. The first one is where the money you will receive comes from.

You must know that the Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world. And for it to exist, it is necessary to mine it, which is the process of “making” and validating the cryptocurrency.

Currencies that need to be validated through mining, such as Bitcoin, are characterized as “currencies”Proof of Work”, or Proof of Work, in Portuguese. As there is no free lunch even in the crypto market, whoever manages to mine Bitcoin receives coins as a reward.

  • Currently, a miner who manages to validate a transaction involving bitcoin receives a reward of 6.25 bitcoins, with 1 bitcoin worth around US$47,000 according to the quote on December 13th.

But, there are some downsides. Carrying out the mining is not an easy task: for this, a high computational power, the supercomputers, is necessary. This makes the practice have a high energy consumption, which is even the target of criticism due to environmental impacts.

For these and others, the “Proof of Stake” or Proof of Participation emerged in response to the growing energy demand resulting from Proof of Work protocols.

Currently, several blockchains use Proof of Stake to validate the transactions of blocks on your network, such as Polkadot (DOT) and Solana (SOL).

The advantage is that anyone who owns a number of cryptocurrencies that are validated by Proof of Participation can take the staking. Like?

Just send that amount of cryptocurrencies to a specified address. As a result, the cryptocurrencies will be locked at that address, serving as proof of the user’s participation. In this case, the more cryptocurrencies you have, the greater your chances of being chosen to validate network transactions – and thus earn cryptocurrencies in return.

It is important to say that the income you receive on staking is in coins and according to the amount of coins you have.

Past return is no guarantee of future return, and investing in cryptocurrencies presents risks. Therefore, it is not recommended to invest values ​​that could harm your financial health.

However, if you have Proof of Stake coins and they are still stops at the brokerage house, staking them can be a great alternative to increase your income generation.

Just to give you an idea, some coins offer a fat reward. Here’s just one of the results obtained in just one day by a crypto investor who decided to open the game with me:

This investor earned over R$5000 in one day by staking the crypto AXS:

Earnings with AXS staking of more than 5 thousand reais
* Estimated calculation based on the price of R$850.00 per AXS ON 11/04/2021.

Want another example?

Fernando Viera, one of the investors who is a firm believer in staking, invested R$ 13,500 in the cryptoactive in July AXS, from the Axie Infinity game, and managed to buy 151.5 coins, at an average price of R$89.

On October 7th, Fernando put 100% of his coins into staking. And its first yield has already dropped the next day, on October 8th.

See your personal control, with the daily income he made in the month:

Daily earnings worksheet with AXS
Control of Fernando, from 10/07/2021 to 10/31/2021.

The dynamic is like this: every 24 hours, Fernando can reinvest the prize received. Empiricus specialists call this moment “Staking Time”, but there’s no problem if you miss the right time – Fernando himself has already lost a few times and reinvested his coins a little later or the next day.

And considering the price of AXS at the time of Fernando’s Staking, he has been receiving an average of R$414 per day. Do you see the potential of this? In 24 days, he earned more than 9,000 reais… What could you buy with that amount? A new computer? Top tier cell phone? Even a journey to finish 2021 in style…

Currently, the yield potential of staking in AXS is 114% per year. But depending on the cryptoactive, this value can decrease or increase.

After all, it’s important highlight that this value varies according to the number of people staking the cryptocurrency. The more people staking, the lower the yield. So, whoever enters this game earlier can receive more attractive returns.

I’ll give you a recent example. Empiricus cryptocurrency experts have found a cryptoactive recently launched on the market and off the radar of investors. Since when this coin was launched, in September of this year, it has already gone up +723.3%.

And whoever bought this coin and put it in the Staking, saw their money appreciate more than 700%… And today, it’s winning more than 80,000% per year on top of this value.

Asset valuation chart recommended in Empiricus' Staking mentoring
Asset valuation chart recommended in Empiricus’ Staking mentoring – Accessed on 12/14/2021

and that’s where we cannot forget another point: the greater the income potential, the greater the risk involved. You need to be aware of this.

That’s why Empiricus doesn’t go around revealing which asset can yield up to 80,000% per year. It only does this for subscribers who have the technical knowledge to carry out this operation – those who have taken the Empiricus staking training course (meet here).

But I have two good news for you:

  1. You don’t need to put a lot of money into these Stakings. The beauty of the crypto market is that you are subject to exponential returns. Therefore, put only what you are willing to risk.
  1. The cryptocurrency department of Empiricus, the largest independent financial analysis firm in Brazil, has a open list for one doubt shift about staking.

On December 20, at 7 pm, one of the experts at the house will explain in detail about this technique of generating extra income with cryptocurrencies. The event will be free and online and you only need to register through this link to participate:

Empiricus’ cryptocurrency department, which runs the two crypto series in the house “Exponential Coins” and “Crypto Legacy”, exists since 2017 and has already delivered 3,954% and 3,549% profit with its recommended cryptos, respectively.

And now, they are willing to raise investors’ earning potential by opening up the staking technique. If you want the chance to profit from this modality and are willing to achieve returns of up to 80,000% per year, I invite you to learn step-by-step with specialized professionals.

This could be an opportunity for you to get your feet wet in this digital savings in a reliable and profitable way. You might be leaving money on the table.

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