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Wojak Finance DeFi Announces $2,000 Airdrop with 75 Winners

Wojak Finance (WOJ), an eccentric decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, recently launched its new community initiative. Wojak is the first-ever hyper-deflationary DeFi protocol with a meme-themed token (WOJ).

WOJ airdrop participants to share $2,000 prize pool

According to the official announcement shared by Wojak.Finance (WOJ) in its core social media channels, official blogs and main website, it invites DeFi enthusiasts to apply for a new airdrop of WOJ tokens.

Successful participants will share $2,000 in WOJ equivalent, which is a core native utility token of the Wojak Finance (WOJ) DeFi ecosystem.

Five lucky winners will receive $70 in WOJ tokens each while 20 enthusiasts will share $30 in tokens. The remaining $1,000 will be distributed between 50 successful applicants.

To be included on the waitlist, DeFi enthusiasts need to fill in a form on Google Forms that is available via a link shared in the announcement tweet. Also, applicants need to meet some requirements shared in the description of the official airdrop Google Form.

Applications are accepted until Nov. 17, 2021, 8:00 p.m. PST. The results will be shared in Wojak Finance’s main Telegram group on Nov. 19, 2021.

Partnerships, listings, social media progress

The organizers of the airdrop reiterated that all sorts of spam, auto-generated or multi-account activity will be prevented from joining the campaign.

This airdrop is the next phase in Wojak Finance’s community management campaign. In October, the team behind this protocol launched a Facebook page and Telegram Messenger community.

Also, in its mission to reach the maximum number of users, Wojak Finance (WOJ) organized its first airdrop in partnership with CoinMarketCap, the number one website in the crypto segment.

WOJ token is now available on multiple centralized and decentralized platforms. Cointiger, HotBit and Coinsbit are the most reputable CEXes that support WOJ while DeFi enthusiasts can exchange their WOJ on PancakeSwap (CAKE).

Last but not least, the Wojak Team is on its way to a 90% token burn. By Q4, 2021, it has already destroyed more than 54% of the WOJ supply to amplify its hyper-deflationary model.

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Via U.Today