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Will BAT (Basic Attention Token) 4x+ or go Down from Here? Crypto Long-Term and Short-Term Price Analysis – Ultragamerz, The best Technology & game news

BAT just hit a new ATH! 

The Basic Attention Token is an old token that has been around for a pretty long time and it has just hit and passed its all time high! In the past few months, BAT has seen an exponential rise in price by a maximum of about 3x, reaching an ATH of about $1.9 and coming back down.  BAT has stayed at the $1.7 price range for a bit of time now and the question is, where will BAT go from here? If you already own it, should you sell or wait for it to increase even further? 

The Basic Attention Token is the main currency used by advertisers to advertise on the blockchain based browser Brave so BAT definitely has a lot of long-term use and potential. As time goes on and Brave gets more and more users, BAT will definitely be used more and since the token pretty much has no competition right now, it can see very massive growth in the long-term. To read more about the usability of BAT and its long-term use click here.

BAT has moved exactly as we previously predicted a month ago. The token has gone all the way up near the $2 range and as you can see in our prediction below, from here we should see a somewhat big fall in price to some of its lower support point.

BAT Price Chart

We can’t know for sure but BAT will likely fall in price from here so it’s not a good idea to buy at the very top price since a somewhat big fall in price is sure to come. Over all, BAT is likely going to see a very good long-term performance and see an exponential rise in price. BAT is probably not going to 4x from here but that may happen in the future. 

BAT is a really good and under rated token since it has very good usability, little competition, and from a price analysis perspective it shows very bullish long-term signs. BAT is the kind of token that you would want to buy when its at a low price and just keep for some time. BAT is the type of coin that you want to keep for a bit not just buy and sell after a couple days or weeks. 

Right now a token that according to our analysis may see an exponential 10x rise in price is Shiba Inu. To read the full analysis on Shiba Inu click here. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) at the verge of a REVERSAL! Another 10x coming? | Shiba Inu Price Analysis 

Anyone that has been following the crypto market for a few months has definitely heard of Shiba’s incredible performance about a month ago when the token reached its all time high, giving those who had bought in a few months ago massive profits. Shiba is a meme coin so it’s probably not going to be around much longer for the long-term but according to our latest analysis of Shiba it may see a big reversal and 10x soon.

In the last few months Shiba has not been doing very well. Since the token reached it’s all time high of $0.00008 it has been steadily decreasing from there and hasn’t seen any significant upward movement since then. If you are still holding onto SHIB I have good news for you since the charts show that SHIB may be at the verge of experiencing a massive reversal and increasing a lot very soon.

Shiba Price Analysis

As you can see in the chart below, Shib is currently showing pretty positive signs of a reversal coming up. A reversal would cause drastic change for Shiba Inu and the coin will massively increase in price… Read the full article by clicking here. 

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