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White Castle Just Jumped On The NFT Bandwagon

If you’re more of a lookie-loo than a buyer, you can still enjoy Che-Yu Wu’s vibrant White Castle art by taking a digital stroll — or scroll — through the Sliderverse gallery. Here you’ll find a number of designs featuring video-game-like images of hashbrowns, onion rings, sodas, and, of course, sliders. According to his bio, Wu draws on a mix of inspiration from nature, physics, and modern art to create his “algorithmic interactive art machines.” Funny, that’s exactly how we would describe a warm bag of White Castle goodness!

Beyond cashing in on the cryptocurrency hype, White Castle has a philanthropic angle to its NFT release. According to materials published by PR Newswire, the company will be donating part of its proceeds from the NFT sales to its Team Member Relief Fund benefiting its front-line workers in need, as well as to its Team Member Scholarship Fund. So, if you have a Craver on your Christmas list and you’re a last-minute shopper, it might be a good time to check out White Castle’s NFT options, or you could always just opt for the nearly-as-impressive Crave Crate of sliders. After all, there’s nothing wrong with giving a gift and secretly hoping the recipient will share their new bounty!

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