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Which Meme-Coin Should You Buy?

The world of cryptocurrencies [meme-coins, in particular] is characterized by wild swings, not-easy to predict price rallies, and phenomenal returns. But how does one decide which meme-coin is better than the other?

Recently, meme-coins such as Dogecoin, Floki Inu, and Shiba Inu have been wildly popular in crypto communities. We haver already covered a detailed Shiba Inu Vs Dogecoin article talking about buying the dip on the better candidate.

However, Floki Inu has now come to seen as a strong contender in the meme-coin market nowadays. Let’s find out whether or not Shiba Inu fares better than Floki Inu.

SHIB Vs FLOKI Market Cap

Both Floki and Shib are inspired by dog breeds, similar to Dogecoin. Currently, Shiba Inu stands at 13th most valuable crypto in the world with over 19 Billion market capitalization. Meanwhile, Floki Inu has a fully diluted market cap of close to $2 Billion and stands at 2700th position overall, as per CoinMarketCap data.

Shiba Inu has a stronger community on Twitter and Reddit as compared to Floki. This can be ascertained by the fact that at any given time, the tweets about SHIB far outweigh the tweets about Floki Inu. But there is one inherent advantage that Floki Inu has over the ShibArmy – The influence of Elon Musk.

Shiba Inu’s Jeff Vs Floki’s Elon

While Elon Musk does not seem involved in any way in the $FLOKI project. He has clarified in a tweet that the only cryptocurrencies he owns are Bitcoin, ETH, and Doge.

But at the same time Elon Musk is an avid supporter of the cryptocurrency revolution and also owns a dog of the Floki breed. In the world of meme-coins, that’s all that matters. While fundamentals and real value of the coin matter, one cannot deny that ‘Influence and Hype’ around a meme-coin is far more necessary for phenomenal returns.

Elon often talks about crypto investments on his official Twitter handle and was a major reason for the rally in the prices of a meme-coin named Dogecoin last year.

Floki Inu vs. Shiba Inu - Differences and Similarities - Crypto Academy
Courtesy: CryptoAcademy

The Floki Inu coin has also been advertised in the public transports in London. “Missed Doge? Get Floki,” the advertisement reads, promoting investors to bet on Floki Inu.

Recently, the ShibArmy has also invited Jeff Bezos to join their community.

The campaign was launched by Erik Peterson on that asks the ShibArmy to invite/welcome Jeff Bezos to their community.

“Lets invite Mr. Bezos to be a part of the SHIB Community. His participation may be a catalyst to achieve and win this trillionaire race using a different and far bigger community cryptocurrency:  SHIBA INU”

Overall, Shba Inu seems more strong and highly relevant as comapred to Floki Inu.

P.S: Investing without proper research is risky and you should always consult your financial advisor. Discretion is advised. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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