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Upcoming NFT Airdrops 2021: 5 NFT Projects You Can Get Free Tokens Soon

A non-fungible token (NFT) airdrop in the cryptocurrency space could certainly fit in the upcoming season of giving.

Airdrops involve “dropping” gifts of free tokens on different protocols or platforms to accumulate a collection of NFTs or stack up owned cryptocurrencies, without having to pay a single cent.

Users have excitingly flaunted these “airdropped” tokens they’ve received on their wallets, as developers came up with the airdrops to promote their respective projects.

What Are Airdrops and How Can Users Get Them?

Crypto or NFT airdrops are a marketing tactic by certain blockchain projects wherein developers send coins or NFTs for free, noted in a report. These developers normally make these airdrops before their project officially launches. Crypto startups mainly distribute airdrops to spark community discussions and raise awareness that would promote their cryptocurrency or NFT project.

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Should there be a lot of publicity generated, these airdrops could boost the value of a cryptocurrency during its initial coin offering (ICO), or its initial listing on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Auroracoin is known as having deployed the very first airdropped token. Its initial airdrop occurred in March 2014 and was given to Iceland residents for free. In this airdrop, people received 31.80 Auroracoins (AUR), which was equivalent to $12 at that time.

Several months after the airdrop, Auroracoin crashed and had been abandoned by its developers. Since December 2020, developers ceased updating the project’s official Twitter account.

To receive an NFT or cryptocurrency airdrop, users need to have a crypto wallet. In addition, recipients should join, follow and share the project’s social media channels and engage with the token’s community on messaging platforms such as Telegram and Discord. These airdrops have a registration period that carry limited slots for users to sign-up before a set deadline.

Rumored and Ongoing NFT Airdrops

Rumors have circulated on upcoming airdrops and according to, here are the possible airdrops users should look out for.


A decentralized derivatives exchange, SynFutures has announced that it will be “giving away 2,000 NFTs valued at $50 each as airdrops for its pre-decentralized autonomous organization committee, FutureX. This committee is set to chart the directions of the exchange that adhere to full community governance.

SynFutures allows users to create their own assets using Ethereum native, cross-chain and off-chain real assets. It also lets them list and offer their assets for futures trading in the very first user-generated futures trading market.


There are also reports that the decentralized NFT marketplace Infinity is offering airdrops soon. This airdrop will have its most active users based on transaction volume receiving five times its earlier airdrop given to users of OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. Infinity is considered the decentralized, community-driven alternative to OpenSea.

Ten percent of the governance token supply ($NFT) shall be given to existing OpenSea participants “who transacted before October 4th 11:59 PM UTC.”

Other Upcoming NFT Airdrops

According to Cryptoticker, additional airdrops from other NFT projects are ongoing, such as the Dogs of Elon (DOE), a meme project that defy the mainstream and prove that communities have power and clout. It has created 10,000 unique NFTs featuring K-9, with sub-collections having 30 unique Elons and 70 zombie Doges. It is set to airdrop 150 NFTs.

GoldMiner, a play-to-earn (P2E) third-person shooter game, is also set to distribute 335 NFTs. It’s a project that combines decentralized finance, NFT, gaming, and collectibles.

Lastly, the Radio Caca project is also planning to release 330 NFTs in its airdrop to promote its NFT game Metamon and has a universal metaverse (USM). Metamon is an online P2E Battle Royale PC video game.

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