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Tycoon, the Industry-Leading Copy Trading Platform on Binance is Now Live

LARNACA, CYPRUS / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2021 / Nowadays, with volatility and a sudden price correction, the right crypto trades make all the difference in the world. It takes a special skill to be a successful cryptocurrency trader and it takes years to learn the skill properly. The majority of traders end up quitting, never to return to the market again. A small minority of persistent people do succeed. There are many people entering the crypto markets trying to test their trading skills. Luckily for them, the Tycoon platform is here to simplify and streamline the path of these pioneers, enabling a bridge between beginners and advanced crypto traders.

From today a new paradigm has just begun!

The Tycoon platform is officially live and establishing success that has its roots in 2017 and it is a result of an intensive and extensive development process that has spanned more than 2 years. The team comprises experts in the financial fields as well as in fields of IT, blockchain and fintech.

Along with the platform’s public launch, the TYC Staking phase 3 also comes to life, which offers users who stake more than 8,000 TYC full access to all copy trading features on the tycoon platform for free. This will only stay this way for a limited amount of time and you can keep 100% of your profits! It’s really easy to Create an account.

The Tycoon Token (TYC) is currently trading on Uniswap, Bithumb Global, Whitebit and Bittrex Global.

Users can directly and in real time follow the strategy of professional traders using the API connection through Binance (other Tier 1 exchanges in progress).

Another interesting aspect ofTycoon is the pricing model. The team has designed their copy trading model without hidden fees and bad surprises. There will be a profit sharing model going live early next year. To celebrate the launch Tycoon waives all fees and offers Binance copy trading at zero cost.

TYC is an ERC-20 token with a limited supply of 140 Million tokens allowing users to profit from a 25% discount on all upcoming fees, taking part in the staking pool to earn more than 12% APY and many other benefits for holding.

Price info on CMC

Price info on coingecko

Choose which Tycoon you want to be

On the Tycoon platform, there will be 2 main types of users, namely followers and traders.

Followers are basically investors with capital but without the ability to trade cryptocurrencies, or people who are new to crypto trading. The follower logs into the platform and then chooses a suitable trader to copy. That’s it!

Traders are experienced investors and are familiar with the cryptocurrency market, and they already have strategies and steps to enter and exit the market. These professional traders will maximize their trading results to bring in new followers. After connecting his Exchange API Keys the trader can go back to work and trade. Simple as that.

What makes Tycoon special?

Tycoon solves the problem of any newcomer – the inability to understand the finer points of crypto trading and the fear of making losses – by providing an intuitive interface to follow professional traders and copy their exact trades and potentially making amazing profits. Trading could not be any simpler and safer with these amazing features:

No Custody: Users always hold total control over their funds. Traders and Followers are connecting using an API key which can grant specific permissions to the platform, for example: read, execute, etc. Traders decide which permissions they give (according to their intentions, being a trader or a follower). Withdrawal permissions are not required, so the User will always be the only one who has access to the traded funds.

High performance: Latency speeds below 1 second guarantee the quickest execution of copy trading in the market to never miss a move.

Keep fair: With their upcoming profit-share model, Tycoon is only profiting from Users which generate real profits on their accounts. Tycoon has the customer’s best interest at heart.

Tycoon Trading Ltd
13 Tepelenoiou st. 8010 Paphos, Cyprus

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