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Top 3 Anime Based Coins

With Cryptocurrencies getting a HUGE popularity over the last few years, a lot of companies and even individuals are trying to jump into this hot market. And while the popular coins are backed by some highly advanced projects, there are some coins that are actually inspired by Japanese ANIME!

So, if you are an anime lover and want to support cryptocurrencies backed by Anime. Here are the top 3 Anime based coins that you should definitely check out.


One of the recently growing crypto currencies launched in 2018 known as OTAKU is popular in Japan among anime authors. It is a community based currency which uses the block chain for the progress and conservation of OTAKU culture. It also Intends to bring together globally the people who love anime, manga, video games and anime toys industries, to transform the anime fandom (talk/conversation, dialogue) and finance the anime compositions, anime creators and other organizations. 

Otaku is basically open source Ethereum crypto currency and invented by Tokyo otaku mode (TOM), an organization which is popular for its anime merchandise store with over 20m fans in almost 130 countries globally. The principle goal is to let fans (globally) earn coins as a reward for their love of otaku. This consists of watching anime, reading manga, sharing content and playing games. Fans can use their coins on shopping, events, concerts, artists and creators.

An association named otaku coin association exists to help fans to effectively use otaku coins. It helps in: deliver a framework to allow fans to vote and fun projects to contribute to the growth and future outlook of otaku culture.

To promote otaku coins, they plan to remove foreign currency exchange fees and other related hidden fees or surcharges. With the help of their partners OCA has implemented a reward based program for otaku activities such as watching online anime, sharing and uploading otaku content and purchasing a licensed anime product.

This award system also known as the otaku X bounty program (XOC) was launched in spring 2020 at Tokyo Japan. Moreover they have plans to issue 100 billion otaku coins in the future. The otaku coins association has members from local and international enterprises, community, creators, counsellors and advisors. 

These days, fans can receive free otaku Bitcoins by supporting Studios and watching anime trailers and related content on official Android and IOS apps. They also have created an Isekai anime with NFTs non-fungible tokens to attract anime fans to join their otaku culture as well as otaku community.


Monacoin ( Mona means cat) has demonstrated itself as one of Japan’s best cryptocurrencies, genuinely accepting Crypto payment in many shops both online and physical, Smartphone apps , online gaming and moreover Merchandisable on several digital exchanges.

Monacoin was formally launched on 1st January 2014 and its ICO (initial coin offering) commenced on March 20th 2014.

Rumors claim that Mr. Watanabe founder of Monacoin introduced Monacoin as a gaming currency on his block post in 2chan forum, which is based on famous anime and game Final Fantasy and Monacoin was initially not created to be used as a crypto currency. Monacoin possesses all qualities of litecoin with removed weak points which were in other cryptocurrencies making Monacoin one of the most likeable Japanese currencies.

Monacoin is the first crypto currency that applies segwit which enhances traction processing in block size limit on a block chain. Monacoin ASIC restaurant that is tailor-made to work with hashing and scrypt algorithms to manage Crypto mining in a fined PC hardware built. Proof of word consensus mechanism is also inbuilt in Monacoin to check your denial of service attacks or spams.

Monacoin plans to maximize transaction volume in upcoming years with the help of Japan’s Financial Service agency which has allowed Monacoin to be added into several Exchange Services known in Japan. Mona is one of the remarkable communities of Monacoin, also supports Japanese anime, Manga and game lovers to appear on Mona apply online platform where Monacoin Crypto-assets can be exchanged into digital assets such as coupons, electronics, manga toys, food and many more.

Japan in light of Mona coin’s increasing popularity and fluent feasibility usage as a cryptocurrency is considering legalizing it as a method of payment for various online transactions which includes ATM.

Mindol Coin 

One of the other best crypto currencies Other than otaku and Monacoin, is Mindol. (MIN). Its purpose is also the same as otaku coins, to revitalize and resurrect the Japanese subculture which is also called otaku culture. Japanese people like creating and reading manga equally along with composing anime fandoms of each manga. Mindol will also help the Japanese government in promoting its economic strategy known as “cool Japan “.

The Mindol currency development will adopt and publish material and content in the fields of animation, movies, games, Cartoons, TV shows, etc. Safety and security are managed and maintained using Blockchain technology.

MINDOL is promoting and developing the Japanese ‘Otaku’ subculture at a fast pace as it has just risen 9.5 percent to $4.73. MINDOL has reached its all-time high market worth of little under $900 million, placing the cryptocurrency in the twelfth position by market size, according to Coin Market Cap. It was priced at $0.17 just two months ago. For almost two months, the anime-themed cryptocurrency has been gaining steadily. The value of the MIN token appears to have increased by more than 20 times during this time, although trading volume has stayed relatively constant—around $3-5 million each day.

Currently, Mindol is developing a mini-wallet in smartphones for its users. The Mindol tokens will be circulated online to create an online market where its fans will vote, post, donate, buy a ticket and settle payments.


So, these are the 3 most popular Anime based coins out there in the market. And if you are interested in Anime Games, make sure to check out Gamecamp where you can find awesome deals for various video games.

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