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Thinking About Investing In Dogelon Mars? Think Again Because The…

Dogelon Mars has plummeted from its all time high set just last month and investors have been cutting losses. The Dogelon Mars price prediction is not looking positive as bearish indicators weigh on the coin and it faces tough competition from standout projects such as The Hideaways.

Will The Dogelon Mars Price Recover?

Investors looking for a Dogelon Mars price prediction at the moment aren’t likely to find anything positive.

The project had a great August, setting an all time high, but the Dogelon Mars price has been plummeting ever since. 

The Dogelon Mars charts indicate that the cryptocurrency is stuck in a sideways pattern with little chance of breaking out to achieve the kind of gains that investors are looking for in 2022. Our Dogelon Mars prediction? We can’t the see the price going anywhere but down in 2022 and even into 2023.

The reasons? The cryptomarket as a whole is struggling and investors are having to work hard to find projects that have a positive outlook.

Move Aside Dogelon Mars, The Hideaways Is Growing in 2022

The team at The Hideaways have put together something truly special. Crypto investors can earn passive income from physical real estate that generates millions every month in rental revenue. The team will add this to the staking rewards generated by holding their HDWY token to give crypto investors game-changing passive income.

We interviewed a number of analysts at a recent networking event and their response was unanimous. The HDWY token is set to be a winner for crypto investors in this bear market. Passive income makes it resilient to price shocks and the target market is huge. Estimated growth is set to reach 8,000% and more by the end of 2022 and early 2023.

With the presale still in its first week, there’s still a chance to get into this project early. The price is expected to double in the next 48 hours from $0.01. In just 3 months, price predictions are currently in the range of $0.80 – $0.91 – it’s no wonder demand is so strong!





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