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The price of SafeMoon is still declining

Crypto coins are going through a rough time as the recent Market cash in the crypto market has affected many different ones. With several Altcoins still on a downtrend and there not being any hope for recovery soon, it’s no wonder that people want their investments back before things get even worse.

The SafeMoon price has also failed to hold up as the market crashed on December 4. This downswing pushed this altcoin below a crucial support floor and into oversold territory, suggesting no telling when it will start recovering or how much more losses we can expect before another bull run begins.


SafeMoon has been in a bearish trend for quite some time, and there is no telling when it will recover from the slump. However, The crash of SafeMoon’s price is a perfect opportunity to start climbing again. The severe event has caused panic buying, which will provide support at current levels as long as it lasts.

SafeMoon Price Prediction

Investors can expect SAFEMOOON to continue recovering its losses and tag the immediate resistance level at $0.0000022.

According to Fxstreet,

In some cases, the climb could extend well beyond the said barrier, allowing SafeMoon price to revisit the $0.00000287 hurdle. The advance from $0.00000165 to $0.00000287 would represent a whopping 80% gain.

Therefore, investors need to pay close attention to the SAFEMOON price action over the next few days as it could provide users with a huge opportunity to realize profits.

SAFEMOON has been on a losing run for some time now, and it is not getting any better. The coin may be looking up, but an ultimate blow could still come that knocks the altcoin back down to $0.00000108.

Overall, The SAFEMOON price action over the next few days is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to take advantage of a low-risk strategy that has been proven very successful in recent times.

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