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Solana Co-founder Says Solana And Ethereum Will Co-exist Until…..

In a recent podcast, two co-founders of the Solana project shared their stance on the Ethereum blockchain network as the biggest competitor of other crypto projects like Solana. 

Solana is the 5th ranked crypto asset of the crypto industry and it is popularly known as a rival of the Ethereum blockchain network. However, both of these two crypto projects have their significance in the crypto market. 

In the latest podcast,  Anatoly Yakovenko- Co-founder of the Solana project, said that Solana is different from Ethereum because Solana has super fast settlement layers with very high efficiency. And further continues: 

“It fasts, high-performance execution layer but settlement is a feature of that thing too.”

Further, Anatoly said that the Solana network is giving high security and immutable crypto data transactions through the settlement layer support. While Ethereum is only giving support to the settlement layer to many networks. 

So in this way, Anatoly tried to say that Solana is at the top level over Ethereum with the same use case. 

Another co-founder of Solana Raj Gokal said that Ethereum is getting an advantage because of being the first mover in the crypto industry. But now Ethereum is facing problems because of the decision of shifting from pow to pos consensus. And further continues:

“As long as those two designs have different purposes and functions that they’ll both continue to be valuable.”

Solana getting huge support 

In the present time, most of the fund manager firms are holding Bitcoin and Ethereum only. But in terms of other flagship assets, they are choosing Solana and Cardano-like assets. 

A big example can be seen from the initiative of the Grayscale fund management firm, which launched Solana Trust to welcome the clients to invest in Solana coin. 

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