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Safemoon Price Tumble After Bitmart Hack, While Bitrise Coin Skyrocketing

– Bitrise platform comes with innovative tokenomics

– The platform offers attractive rewards to investors

– Automated token buyback and burning process that creates token scarcity

Bitmart hack is still a big talk in the crypto market and more so on the cryptocurrencies that lost assets and those that managed to keep the hacker away. Safemoon is among the cryptocurrencies that have been negatively affected by the hack. Despite losing a lot of Safemoon coins, the price of the Safemoon coin in the market has been tumbling.

Unlike, Safemoon there are other coins that have come out of this Bitmart hacking stronger, and some are already enjoying positive growth. These are cryptocurrencies that managed to prevent that hacking. Bitrise coin is one of the cryptocurrencies that managed to keep the hacker away. Unlike Safemoon, the coin currently enjoying skyrocketing growth.

Bitrise is a decentralized financial (DeFi) platform that enables users to earn, spend and lend on a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform. The team developing this program says it is developing the most secure, safest, and faster DeFi system. The security of the Bitrise system over other competing projects like Safemoon was proven during the recent Bitmart hack.

But Bitrise is offering more than just network security, and that’s why the coin is skyrocketing. Apart from the fast development of the protocol, Bitrise has an incredible investor rewarding system. From tokenomics to the staking process, the coin is designed to make investors rich. That’s why it is today skyrocketing when Safemoon price is tumbling.

Bitirise is a hyper-deflationary token that uses a contract to buy back tokens from the liquidity pool and burn them. Every 5% of the 12% tax on all transactions on the Bitrise ecosystem goes to the buyback contract, which burns bought tokens immediately after purchase. The process helps to raise the token value and keep a stable floor price.

Bitrise tokenomics has a token holding reward. Every 4% of the 12% tax is redistributed as a BNB-reward to all investors for just holding the $BRISE token. The reward is sent automatically into the holders’ wallet every 60 minutes. Even Safemoon members are joining Bitrise coin to get this static reward.

The other reason why Safemoon tumbling and Bitrise coin skyrocketing is the upcoming staking process. Safemoon team is yet to announce staking despite being the closest Bitrise competitor. Many investors have been joining Bitrise coin to enjoy the 80% APY staking revenue that will be shared among the staked tokens.

The Bitmart hack is one of the reasons why Safemoon coin is doing bad, but there are many other reasons why Bitrise coin is skyrocketing. Though the safety and security features could be an issue, Bitrise is attracting more crypto investors than Safemoon. This means the demand for the token is bigger hence the skyrocketing value.

Even with Safemoon price recovery, Bitrise has made big moves, and the upcoming staking is the next big thing. For more information about Bitrise coin, check out the following platforms:




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