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SafeMoon price gears up for upcoming V2 launch with drop in circulating token supply

  • Ahead of the SafeMoon V2 upgrade, there is a drop in the supply of circulating tokens. 
  • SafeMoon price hit an all-time high seven months ago; since then, the token has plunged nearly 75%. 
  • The petition to rename Jazz arena to “SafeMoon arena” gathered 4,878 signatures from the community. 
  • Analysts note a bullish uptick in the RSI and target $0.000004 as the first target after a month of downtrend in SafeMoon price. 

Despite being stuck in a downtrend, analysts predict a bullish breakout in the token. The shrinking supply of SafeMoon coupled with the upcoming V2 upgrade is likely to trigger a rally in the token. 

SafeMoon price prepares for announcement of V2 upgrade launch date

The supply of SafeMoon has dropped to 571,000,000,000, and the shrinking supply is expected to drive the token’s price higher. Historically, a drop in supply or implementation of burn policy fuels a bullish narrative in the token’s price. 

SafeMoon hit a new all-time high several months ago; the token’s price has plunged nearly 75% since then. Holders are awaiting the announcement of the V2 upgrade launch date. SafeMoon price has posted 16% losses over the past week and nearly 20% over the past two weeks. 

SafeMoon community added 4,878 signatures on a petition to rename Jazz Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah, to “SafeMoon Arena.” SafeMoon plans to make Utah its future base of operations. Therefore SafeMoon HQ will be located in the Vivint Arena (Jazz Arena). 

Cryptocurrency analysts at the YouTube channel “SafeMoon Army” have noted a bullish uptick in RSI. Analysts consider $0.000004 as the first target after nearly a month of downtrend in the token’s price. 

The analyst has identified $0.00000271 as the base, and with the rise in interest from buyers, RSI is rising, providing support for a rebound in SafeMoon price. 


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