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SafeMoon & HUH Token – What’s The Secret to A Successful Crypto Launch?

SafeMoon and HUH Token have both set a perfect example of how to lead a successful crypto launch. As a result, there will be several hopeful crypto creators out there taking note of these successful launches in the hope to recreate them. SafeMoon launched in March 2021, and HUH Token launched in December 2021. SafeMoon holders experienced huge rewards within a matter of months, and HUH Token is on track to do the same and if not more. So, what’s the secret ingredient to these successful crypto launches?

SafeMoon’s Blast Off

SafeMoon Protocol is a token used in decentralised finance (DeFi). SafeMoon, according to its website, executes three functions throughout each trade: reflection, LP acquisition, and burn. SafeMoon launched on March 8, 2021, with a SafeMoon price of $0.0000000010 and a 777 trillion SafeMoon token supply. So, SafeMoon had a vast supply and an extremely low price. If you had purchased $1,000 worth of SafeMoon at launch, you would have had 1 trillion tokens.

The price peaked two months later, and it was worth $0.00001399, and 1 trillion tokens would have been worth approximately $14 million. So SafeMoon certainly lived up to its name as the value went to the moon quicker than anyone could have expected.


HUH Token’s Turn To Take Off?

HUH Token launched on the 6th of December and has already experienced significant success. The crypto has hit the ground running and if they can keep up the momentum then they might be on track to surpass SafeMoon’s success story. In just 10 days, HUH Token has over 12,000 wallet holders, a liquidity of $7 million and a marketcap of over $150 million. The trading volume each day has been immense considering its a new cryptocurrency. A lot of the time in cryptocurrency things change just because they do, there’s not always a reason for success or failure. However, HUH Token has clearly put the time into engineering a cryptocurrency that will stand out among the crowd.

One of the most exciting features that HUH Token offers is its unique referral system. It’s very simple and straightforward to use. Essentially, it works like this, if you refer someone and they buy into HUH Token, you will get 10% of their first purchase in BNB. The person who gets referred benefits too because their selling fee is reduced from 20% to 10%. To make things even better, HUH holders can use their unique referral code as many times as they like and they will continue to make BNB for every successful first purchase.

Passive income is an ideal that everyone is chasing and HUH Token seems to have encapsulated this well, as not only can you earn from the referral system but also have two separate streams of income alongside this.

This is because of the HUH Redistribution Model, this is a reward system that compensates holders based on the percentage of their holdings. For example, if user A owns 5% of the supply, he or she will earn 5% of the HUH rewards. This ensures that all HUH token holders are fairly paid for their confidence in the MetHUH. The number of HUH tokens represented is computed by aggregating all HUH network purchase and sell transactions


To Infinity and Beyond

SafeMoon V2’s launch is expected to drop any day now and industry experts are anticipating another successful moment for the crypto. However, there’s a chance it may get left in the shadows depending on how well HUH Token continues to do. The space race is definitely on and we encourage all those in the crypto community to keep a close eye on it.


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