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Reports Say Shiba Inu To Get Listed On Robinhood In January 2022

Shiba Inu, the darling meme-coin of the crypto universe is expected by the SHIB community to list on the commission-free trading app Robinhood.

For a long time now, ShibArmy has been waiting for Shiba Inu to get listed for trading on Robinhood. If it happens, the price of Shiba Inu is certainly going to get a solid boost as more and more people would then be able to buy and sell the cryptocurrency.

Why Is Robinhood Listing Important?

Shiba Inu has already been listed on many exchanges and is available to trade but none match the hype of Robinhood. The reason is that Robinhood has a lot of retail investors and SHIB coin being listed there would massively help to gel into the mainstream.

At any given time, Twitter is always bustling with ShibArmy talking about the anticipated Robinhood listing and off late, the anticipation has grown stronger than ever.

Other cryptocurrencies have jumped on the news of being listed on Robinhood in the past. For instance, the first ever Dog inspired meme-currency Dogecoin jumped 8,700% on the news of being listed on Robinhood.

The Shiba Inu News Twitter handle, @ShibReports, was the first to reveal the Robinhood inside information. They tweeted that Robin hood will list SHIB in January 2022 or Q1 according to information from the insider.

A source revealed a Robinhood team held a meeting on the listing of Shiba Inu at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. The discussion was about getting SHIB on board along with 2-3 other cryptocurrencies.

ShibArmy Starts A Petition

The ShibArmy has started a petition to convince Robinhood that they would benefit if they list the Shiba Inu coin on their platform. Many signatures have already been gathered on the petition.

ShibArmy has also started a petition to invite the world’s second richest man Jeff Bezos to join their community.

“Lets invite Mr. Bezos to be a part of the SHIB Community. His participation may be a catalyst to achieve and win this trillionaire race using a different and far bigger community cryptocurrency:  SHIBA INU”

The petition is really close to achieving it’s signature goal of 7,500. On Twitter, the ShibArmy is going wild with #WeWantBezos campaign and if the trend continues, who knows we might as well see a response coming from the Amazon and Blue Origin boss.

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