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Parents’ Guide To The Metaverse

The answer to what is the metaverse can be a little tricky because it is incredibly vague (at this time). But here’s what we know.

What Parents Need To Know About The Metaverse
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There are surely a lot of parents out there who get calls from their own parents on how to do something on the internet, and it can be frustrating. It comes so easy to us that we forget that our parents did not grow up with this technology and we stay on the phone and walk them through what they need to do. It doesn’t often occur to them that in about 20 years, they will be the same. They will be calling their children to ask them about the internet, and that is because the internet is constantly evolving.

Parents have been watching technology develop and change over time, so there is no reason to not expect this to continue. The internet and social media that we know today will likely not be the ones that our children know in the future. There has been a lot of talk about a “metaverse,” and while it may be new, it is going to be something our children are well versed in, and here are some things that they should know to prepare themselves.

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The answer to what is the metaverse, it can be a little tricky because it is incredibly vague (at this time). According to Digital Trends, the metaverse is the “future of the internet,” and this means that it is virtual reality. It is a system of virtual reality that allows people from all over to interact with each other. While this is something that happens now, this new system will allow people to be in the middle of the action, and instead of scrolling through the internet, you will be able to “be inside” and interact with it. This will allow people to share the internet with each other through virtual reality, in real-time.

Important Conversations

When it comes to keeping children safe with a metaverse instead of normal internet, the answer is pretty much the same. According to Quartz, parents still need to be mindful of the fact that children can already access social media sites by using a fake birthday. Parents are also told to tell their children to be careful when interacting with others online and the same safety guidelines will be in place when it comes to the metaverse. When experts look at a child’s biology, they know that their prefrontal cortex (responsible for emotion and behavior) is not fully developed and this can make them more at risk for engaging in games and situations that may not be appropriate for them.

Encourage Children To Talk

According to Slate, there is another potential problem with a metaverse for children and this was based on looking at how children act differently now when it comes to standard screens and virtual reality. One expert stated that when children were watching TV or they were playing a normal video game, they were more likely to stop and ask questions about what they were seeing and/or what they were supposed to do. This was not noted in virtual reality. Children were less likely to stop and ask for guidance and clarification from the adults around them. This is an important point for parents to make sure that their children know to question what they may experience, which anyone should be doing when they are on the internet.

Sources: Digital Trends, Quartz, Slate

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