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Oh No. This Couple Got Married in the Metaverse

Earlier today, the New York Times reported that a couple from the U.S. got married in the metaverse.


According to the Times, the couple wed on Labor Day weekend (September 6). Their digital avatars, which were dressed like them, had their own ceremony thanks to a company called Virbela. Virbela’s bread and butter is building virtual environments for work, learning and events (and weddings now, it seems).

“Ms. Gagnon’s avatar was walked down the aisle by the avatar of her close friend. Mr. Gagnon’s avatar watched as his buddy’s avatar ambled up to the stage and delivered a toast. And 7-year-old twin avatars (the ring bearer and flower girl) danced at the reception,” the Times report says.

There’s no doubt the metaverse is an interesting proposition. Maybe we’d be less snarky about it if Facebook cum Meta wasn’t at the helm. But the internet has (rightfully, imo) made a mockery of this wedding, mostly because this was something people have been doing in games for years. And also because they got married in the metaverse.

Second Life is the obvious one. But Twitter users were quick to share where on the internet they’ve also attended a wedding.

Animal Crossing, was another.


And also Final Fantasy XIV.

This Twitter user also went to a Final Fantasy wedding.

And this one:

‘Groundbreaking’, as this Tweet puts it:

Anyway, as you were.

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