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Nvidia RTX A2000 Obtains Stable 41 MH/s Ethereum Hashrate Through HiveOS Best Settings

Nvidia RTX A2000 gains steady 41 MH/s Ethereum mining hashrate performance after applying best HiveOS settings with careful overclocking and power limitations. Initially, Nvidia has announced RTX A series cards for only workstation purpose and crypto mining community still reluctant to test them for Ethereum hashrate performance. New crypto mining enthusiast by name Crypto Balkon has shared RTX A2000 best efficient mining settings via YT channel.

hashrate rtx A2000

HiveOS allows to overclock Nvidia cards with easy access from mobile or desktop remote platform. So the best settings by Crypto Balkon for RTX A2000 are putting the GPU core clock at negative -65 till -85, memory clock increase up to 2800 and power limit stays at 69W. Fastest card among RTX workstation GPUs is RTX A5000 with a whopping 108 MH/s Ethereum mining performance and second fastest just became an RTX A4000 reaching up to 66 MH/s respectively. Surprisingly, Nvidia decided not to limit RTX A series cards’ mining performance via LHR method like gaming GeForce RTX3000 series have been cut down to 50% of their mining potential.

RTX A2000 best hiveos settings

Getting Nvidia’s RTX Ampere A2000 GPU is nearly impossible but purchasing RTX 3070 LHR gaming GPU is the best choice from resale and performance perspective due to higher hashrate and Nvidia fans love to buy second hand gaming GPU unless health condition is 100%.

Source: Crypto Balkon via YT

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