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Nvidia CEO Says Metaverse Could Insure Businesses Billions

Companies are putting cash into the making of the supposed metaverse because it might at last save them significant chunks of change in the real world, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday. In a interview on Mad Money, Huang painted a vision of associated, virtual reality universes that go beyond facilitating recreation and business. Rather, Huang said he accepts businesses can incline toward the metaverse or omniverse, which is Nvidia’s favored term to diminish wastefulness and increment operational efficiency. Nvidia’s market cap presently remains at $ 824.6 billion, making it the seventh most esteemed company on the S&P 500.

“By doing this, we could reduce the amount of waste, and that’s why the economy is so good for business,” he continued. “They are willing to invest a small amount of money to buy this artificial intelligence capability, but what they are hopefully saving is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars.”

“We waste a whole lot of stuff to overcompensate for not faking. We want to simulate all the factories in the metaverse, in this omniverse. We want to simulate factories in the omniverse. We want to simulate the world’s power grids in the omniverse, ”Huang said.

California-based Nvidia is the world’s largest graphics chip and artificial intelligence maker. While demand for its semiconductors was already growing, increased attention and investment focused on the metaverse is a boon for Nvidia. This is because the company’s chips play a crucial role in the computing devices that will run the metaverse.

Huang’s appearance on “Mad Money” comes two days after Nvidia reported better than expected earnings and earnings for its third quarter. Nvidia shares have been in tears in recent weeks, due at least in part to investor optimism about the metaverse. The stock is up 29% so far this month and 66.6% in the past three months.

The concept of the metaverse has been around for decades in sci-fi circles, but Wall Street is now noticing that a number of tech giants such as Facebook’s parent Meta are mobilizing resources to create interactive virtual worlds and immersive.

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