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Meet Jay: A YouTuber and a Crypto Trading Expert

Meet Jay: A YouTuber and a Crypto Trading Expert

Cryptocurrency is the talk of the town and everybody wants to master the art of trading in it. Jay Talks Crypto, a YouTuber, and Blogger run a youtube channel where he talks about how to make profits by trading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, etc. He also analyses meme cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu, Kishu Inu, and others. With around 45,000 subscribers on Youtube and thousands of visitors on his website, Crypto Jay is already a sensation among young lads on the streets and at the workplace too.

Jay is a crypto trading expert and makes a video every day covering the latest trends in the most volatile and active cryptocurrencies. Jay starts his videos with the phrase, “Nothing has changed, nothing has changed”, the meaning of which is pretty much evident from the phrase itself.

Jay covers all new trends in the crypto markets, ranging from the hype of meme coins to the NFT tsunami that has taken over the markets, and what makes them so popular. The YouTuber makes posts and videos about which coin to buy, and which one is giving sell signals. He is very active on Instagram and twitters too, posting buy and sell calls as posts in regular intervals every day.

The YouTuber has gained a decent number of followers as of December 2021 and is hoping to reach even higher numbers shortly as more people are becoming aware of cryptocurrency and educating themselves on what the concept is.

“If you are interested in making money with bitcoin ethereum and other cryptos you are in the right place! jay talks crypto is dedicated to the little guy and his success and my goal on this channel is to change as many people’s life’s as I can with the power of cryptocurrency and YouTube”, said Jay while commenting on his YouTube channel, Jay Talks Crypto.

Many accounts are claiming to be Crypto Gurus and genius traders, but Jay is different from them as he shows proof of his trades for himself and he is very good at it.

Keep with Jay Talks Crypto on YouTube:

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