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Join a new GameFi project on Ethereum Blockchain – The Age of Gangs

The NFT trend is now getting more and more popular. NFT is the main trend of 2021 in the blockchain. Some collect a variety of digital art items, someone starts to make money by reselling a variety of NFT tokens. However, most projects simply cannot provide long-term support for trading volumes, and keep it heard all the time. After some time, the project loses its former interest. Despite this, there are still such rare projects on the market that see the goal of not only raising more funds, but also popularizing digital art, looking for new game formats and various forms of interaction among users.

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For an NFT project to become successful, it should be wrapped in a good wrapper, and various ways of interaction between the audience and the authors should be provided. Creative ideas are important here, it is also important to build a development plan for the project itself.

The Age of Gangs ( is a new and unique NFT project, the goal of which is not only the quality of the product, it also brings completely new emotions from owning gangsters to users. Users will be immersed in a completely new universe, another dimension that has a well-designed story.

The Age of Gangs (  project has such a universe that will allow everyone to plunge into a gloomy world in the near future, in which the power is held by the gangs. Tough battles take place on the streets in London among representatives of the law and various gangs. All this led to the fact that the government became decentralized. London is in the absence of power and someone needs to become the ruler and take this place.

There is complete chaos on the streets, chaos is going on, which fuels the development of various criminal elements. Every day, new gangs appear, eager to seize power and subjugate the entire city, trying to take everything under complete control.

The Age of Gangs (  will give you the opportunity to stand up in opposition to found your own group, create your own empire. The more people in the gang, the more influence, the more weighty your voice is in the street battle.

The project is a collection that includes 10.000 NFTs, they are all well rendered, have their own uniqueness, skills and characteristics. A large number of elements with references to popular culture and weapons will appeal to people with completely different preferences.

The developers plan to expand the P2E universe with a game. This is a game that has unique mechanics and gameplay capabilities that allows you to both have passive earnings, but also get all the fun involved in the gameplay.

The user gets a large number of opportunities when the number of gangsters in the gang increases. It gets more benefits and more options will increase its contribution, all due to the way the economy is designed.

You can capture different territories and form gangs. There is an opportunity to raise new charges or you can act as a mentor. It is also important to remember that everything is important, both actions and a new victory, as this adds funds to the treasury.

The long-awaited pre-sale ( is scheduled for December 6th. The founders split the collection so that everyone can get their own gangster and can put together their own gang. Regardless of the round in which you will take part, it is important to remember that every gangster has a value. Hurry up to take your place in a -unique universe in the new age of gangsters!


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