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in all the shots of the actor with his admirers there is a very disturbing detail [FOTO]

Some time ago some fans noticed a decidedly curious, “disturbing” and unusual detail in the photos of Keanu Reeves with his admirers.

As evidenced by several shots, in fact, the actor never touches women and prefers to always keep his hand open, even when he finds himself in the position to hug them. The star is almost always available to indulge in photos, but he doesn’t budge from his position: Keanu women do not touch them.

It is not known, even today, what is the reason behind this choice, but many comments have accumulated on the net about it. “It is to avoid energy transfers with people he does not know. Will Smith does the same thing, wrote a fan, which was followed by another equally funny comment:Nah, if you see how he holds his hand open, he wants to prove it’s Jesus.

Still others, however, think that this is a more practical reason: “He behaves intelligently because he knows he could end up in the crosshairs of feminists. They would ask him some stupid questions like, “Oh, why is he holding his hand on his hips?” “. A comment, the latter, which is echoed by another fan: “Avoid being called back by Me Too, level 1000”.

Many, in any case, are of the idea that Keanu is simply respectful towards women, a true gentleman whose mold has now been lost: He is the only saint in hell like Hollywood.


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