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How to buy Spark after the airdrop to Ripple owners

eToro ready to allow trading on Spark but at the moment the market is still closed. The point of the situation

THE Trader of eToro soon they may have one more chance to invest in cryptocurrencies. In the list of virtual currencies available on the multifunctional broker it may soon be also present Spark. For three years, these tokens will be distributed by Flare, the first complete turing network to incorporate the Ethereum machine.

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In practice, for each deglthe XRP (token based on the Ripple network) that are in circulation, a Spark token of the same amount is distributed. But what is Spark and above all how to buy these tokens? In the next paragraphs you can find an answer to these questions.

Before going into detail we can already anticipate that, at the end of the airdrop process, in order to buy FLR (Spark) simply open an account with eToro. You can also do it in demo version as eToro offers its customers 100 thousand virtual euros to practice without risk. The demo account can be activated by following the link below without having to leave the site.

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What is Spark

Spark is a decentralized crypto, just like Bitcoin, which is based on the same encryption techniques as the blockchain technology; it is with this channel that it transfers, confirms transactions and activates funds.

At the moment they are circulating 45 billion XRP tokens, which as mentioned are connected to Spark. However, we must consider that there is a finite number of branded tokens Spark, equal to 100 billion.

How much is it worth

At this time, the Spark’s value is rather uncertain; you have to see what will happen on the pitch. It is being confronted with DeFi and other useful cases. Furthermore, the value of XRP is more solid; this token has greater credibility, as it rests on an established blockchain. As the value of Spark is uncertain, so are the forecasts.

How to receive Spark tokens

When everything is unlocked to receive FLR tokens, it will be enough subscribe to the eToro platform, for free (here the official website for registration). Just a year ago, Spark were delivered to those who already owned XRP, with a ratio of 1 to 1. The requirement of the operation is that the XRPs are already deposited and fully verified, not in the approval phase or in the withdrawal phase, or they will not be valid for counting.

Be careful though; if you own XRP within the eToro Money app, you will not be considered eligible for distribution. If, on the other hand, you are entitled to it, you will not have to apply; you will be notified by email, and you will receive all the details you need to know how to distribute. If you are interested in having FLR tokens, you can simply follow the directions.

How to sign up for eToro

If you still don’t use this platform but you are interested in entering this world, know that eToro membership is absolutely free. It is currently the best known cryptocurrency service in the world and most used, even in Italy, with an economic value of 2.5 billion dollars.

Once your account has been activated, you can then log in from a PC or smartphone via the app. As we have already highlighted above it is also possible to have one demo version, to familiarize yourself with the tool before making real investments.

The success of eToro is also due to a series of indisputable advantages of the platform such as the ability to copy the best traders through Copy Trading or the ability to start trading with real money starting from a minimum initial deposit of only 50 euros.

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