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How To Build NFT Marketplace Like Decentraland?

In Decentraland Clone Development process a website script is coded and delivered to clients who wish to create their own NFT marketplace like Decentraland.


What is Decentraland NFT Marketplace?

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform founded in the year 2017 & it is launched on top of Ethereum blockchain.  Users in this platform, can easily create and experience a blockchain powered virtual gaming experience.  In this decentraland virtual world any users can buy land and it is referred with a term called “parcel” and virtual properties called non-fungible digital asset.

How To Build NFT Marketplace Like Decentraland?

To build an NFT Marketplace like Decentralnd involves several concerns as it is completely based on a virtual world. Let us know about them below.

Step 1: Build a virtual ecosystem

This requires very innovative ideas for designing the virtual world or game land. This would help to engage more users to your NFT marketplace.

Step 2: NFT Marketplace Building

  • Design with attractive UI/UX
  • Choose appropriate Blockchain
  • Wallet Integration

To do so you will need help from a development company.

Step 3: Decide on a storage platform

From several storage platforms, choose an appropriate one to store and retrieve the data fastly and securely.

Among the blockchain networks, only a few tokens support NFTs. For instance, Decentraland is maintained in the Ethereum blockchain network. But only ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-998 only support NFT.

Why Choose Sellbitbuy for Decentraland NFT Marketplace Development?

Sellbitbuy a leading NFT Development Company,  is happy to offer a endless support to the NFT business freaks who wish to set a strong mark in the NFT field. We have a group of professionals who are expertise in creating a NFT marketplace like Decentraland. Our advanced Decentraland Clone Script will help you to instantly launch a NFT marketplace like Decentraland.

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