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He Quit Job to Start Cryptocurrency YouTube Channel, Now Earns $26,000 a Month; Know His Story

Investment banking analyst Ben Chon left his job in 2018 despite its lucrative opportunity. It was a year after his mother was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) , a nervous system disease that weakens the muscles and impacts physical function. But following this, there was no looking back for Chon who opened Rareliquid, a YouTube channel, after trying his luck at opening a fashion company. here, he did what he used to do the best — how to find and get hold of a finance career, tech as well as cryptocurrencies. Today, Ben Chon has over 71,000 followers and earned $26,000 in revenue in the month of November.

When Chon left his job as an investment banking analyst at JP Morgan in San Francisco after his mother’s diagnosis, he took a deep look at his life. He went travelling, took care of his ailing parent and finally decided to quit his job to start a fashion brand called Asthetic Studios, reported Business Insider.

After getting a taste at entrepreneurship, Chon decided to let it go. He closed his business. That was the inception of Rareliquid, a YouTube channel that gives advice on cryptocurrencies, stocks, and careers.

“I’m not actually viewing Rareliquid as a YouTube channel,” he told Insider in an interview. “I have a lot of ideas for the different revenue streams and mini businesses within the whole business.”

Chon’s ideas finally bore the fruit when he earned $19,000 in July this year from Rareliquid through advertisers, brand sponsorships, course offerings, and resume advice.

“I landed a job at JPMorgan out of college and worked as an investment-banking analyst for almost three years. But there was a personal reason I decided to leave that career,” said Chon in the interview, adding that he always had a liking for investing in stocks.

After deciding to shut down his clothing brand business, which was an idea that combined his passion for stocks and art, Chon applied for a business school. “While waiting for business-school decisions, I started my YouTube channel, which has since grown to almost 70,000 subscribers. I was accepted to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania but deferred until next year. In the meantime, I’m spending time with family and building out the channel.

Entrepreneurship has always been exciting to me because the goal is to create something out of nothing,” he said.

Chon shared that he never made profit out of his clothing business, and worked as a recruitment coach to make ends meet. “Now that I’ve moved to YouTube, I’m still able to teach students and subscribers but in a much more creative way, which has led to more varied streams of income. Today, my revenue comes from YouTube AdSense (the money YouTube pays creators for generating a certain number of views), brand sponsorships, teaching career courses where I work with others on everything from creating their résumés to making their first investments, and my Patreon.”

Patreon is a platform that enables Chon’s followers to pay to register and get access to his content.

In the month of November, all the income streams of Ben Chon led to a revenue of $26,000. “The exciting thing about creating a community like this is that it’s scalable. The longer I work as a creator, the larger my community grows, and the longer-lasting and more financially successful my partnerships are,” said the YouTuber.

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