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Growing maturity of crypto as Shiba Inu is up by 5%, HUH Token sees 179% transaction volume increase – Nairametrics

It’s been one heck of a month for cryptocurrency, from the major dip that saw Bitcoin loss beyond what had been seen for some time, then for the crypto market to skyrocket into a rare state of being oversold and yet another, much smaller, dip over the weekend.

Though it appears that the likes of HUH Token, Shiba Inu and Ethereum have rode the always volatile waves of the cryptocurrency market with poise and vigour.

This might be since altcoins are becoming ever popular with whale investors and due to this season’s bull cycle, it could have set altcoins to be the 2022 favourites.

Though, as we’re not quite ready to pop the champagne and doll in the new year, it could be interesting to look at why HUH Token, Shiba Inu and Ethereum have benefited so much and in such a short space of time…

So, without further ado, let’s get into the blockchains of it all.

A Bull Market or Bull Cycle is defined by a market experiencing substantial or sustained growth. 

The Rise of The Dog

Shiba Inu appears to have done exceptionally well this bull season and in turn so has Shiba Inu’s investors. Though this isn’t rare for one of the top dogs on the cryptocurrency market as Shiba Inu has often see tremendous growth since its 2020 launch.

Though at the time of writing this article it appears that Shiba Inu had an influx of whale profit due to a minor dip in the cryptocurrency market over the weekend, that saw whale currencies like Bitcoin endure a somewhat significant loss… though this type of market movement is nothing new and will more than likely rectify itself tenfold.

Shiba Inu could be one of the altcoins to watch given that it appears, through the countless whispers of the internet, that Shiba Inu intends to join the metaverse along with the likes of the infinitely successful HUH Token, which appears to be following in the success of Shiba Inu.

You can monitor the success of Shiba Inu through the likes of, though it’s always wise to note that you should research into cryptocurrency before buying… that’s simply good money sense.

It’s been predicted amongst the cryptocurrency communities that Shiba Inu could see a greater percentage rise throughout the final weeks of December and hopefully a long-lasting bull season for the crypto currency market.

179%, HUH?

That’s right! HUH Token had a more than successful launch on Monday December 6th and has increased by 6000% since that date, increased its value for the community and has proven a 100% bounce back rate from the dips and falls of the volatile cryptocurrency market.

It seems that the popularity of the worlds first Utimeme is at viral levels and because of that HUH Token is expecting a 7-day trading volume of 10 million… in its first 7 days.

HUH Token launched with vigour, the likes of which hadn’t even been seen by Shiba Inu, which later gained further popularity post its unsteady launch numbers.

If HUH Token can achieve even half of what Shiba Inu has accomplished then it would be a marvellous day for HUH Token holders, though it appears that as HUH Nation grows and HUH Token aims for MetHUH, that HUH Token might just be battling Shiba Inu for the top dog spot in the coming months.

One of the reasons for HUH Token’s early-on success, transaction numbers and liquidity growth could be that HUH Token offer a unique referral system which gives a (any) holder a unique number that they can pass on to family and friends and receive a 10% BNB bonus and the referee will receive a 10% sales fee reduction on their first deposit.

And, the great thing is, the code can be used over and over again for as many family members and friends you have… furthering HUH Token’s strong sense of community.

HUH Token will also, this week, be burning 1 million of their own HUH Tokens to increase the value of HUH Token for its holders.

Though, as with Shiba Inu, it’s always important to research before you buy.

Could Ethereum Soar?

It’s been predicted that by the end of this month and entering a new year that Ethereum could see a 400% increase from the past weeks as Ethereum enters its new proof-of-stake existence, that is set to reduce Ethereum’s energy usage by above 99%.

It appears that the growing pool of cryptocurrency lovers is also holding cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, accountable, which only seems like a natural progression for altcoins and their holders.

It can be seen in the likes of Shiba Inu potentially burning their own coins to enter the metaverse and HUH Token creating MetHUH where their harmonious ecosystem will eventually be able to benefit from itself as well as the crypto market at large.

This might have been one of the reasons HUH Token saw such a successful launch week, because they had planted trees for their first one million holders and have greener and greener aims which appear to be favoured amongst crypto lovers these days.

Though after much speculation, it appears that Ethereum’s shift to POS could have been an irrevocably smart decision.

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