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Four days before early Christmas with SafeMoon and HUH Token’s launch | The Guardian Nigeria News


SafeMoon is the dreamboat cryptocurrency this Christmas period and with the end of the black Friday deals you might still need to get a few gifts for your loved ones and SafeMoon and HUH Token could just be the thing for you. 

Though, what makes this year an especially different crypto Christmas?

 As it’s already been proved, time and time again that December is Crypto’s month to shine and even Bitcoin has seen an exponential rise on the 1st of December… meaning the likes of SafeMoon and HUH Token on its December 6th release could see the same Crypto Christmas goodness.

Let’s take a look at why SafeMoon and HUH Token could be the perfect stocking filler and how the crypto Christmas market has already begun with Bitcoin seeing a powerful incline from its November rankings … in a matter of hours! 

‘Tis the season to shop crypto. 

 SafeMoon vs Tiffany’s Moon
This Christmas you might have been awkwardly tempted by the sultry waning moon of Tiffany&Cos Christmas adverts and light installations around their shops, and though there seems to be nothing like a little bit of New York Twinkle under you tree there could be a better investment than silver and stones. 

SafeMoon could see the potential for greater value over time given the popularity of the cryptocurrency market around certain times of year… like crypto Christmas for instance. 

The shift from jewellery being passed down through family members to money or goods that could stand generations of your family in good stead isn’t unheard of theses days… in fact, you’re probably more likely to create generational wealth from cryptocurrencies like SafeMoon than you are from a piece of jewellery… unless, of course, it’s a piece of unique jewellery which not everyone has access too. 

Unlike Cryptocurrency that can be an everyman’s game. 

Unique Gifts and The Safe Bet Gift
If you’re looking for something unique to buy your loved ones this year then cryptocurrency might not have been on that list before this article, but it could be something that benefits them for years to come. Unlike that safe bet gift of booze or chocolate, cryptocurrencies like HUH Token could offer uniqueness and future prosperity to your gifted beloved.

HUH Token’s December 6th launch and given the jaw-dropping surge of Bitcoin from December 1st you could become a holder of HUH Token before it skyrockets during the crypto Christmas period… and, HUH Token are offering you a 35% benefit on top of a $1000 deposit during its presale. 

Not only this but mark your calendars for this Friday, because HUH Token are publishing their White Paper, that just might be as good as snow flocked Christmas tree this season. 

Though, doing your research is always best, whether you’re buying cryptocurrency or jewellery it’s always best to know exactly what you’re getting and, in this case, HUH Token and SafeMoon might be able to offer your loved one generational return as opposed to something that simply looks pretty.

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