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Floki Inu Has Become One Of the Most Exciting MemeCoins In The Crypto Space

A movement token got inspired by Elon Musk’s tweets starting from June, 2020. A developer named Ryoshi got inspired to develop a meme coin like the popular Dogecoin, called Floki Inu. With each tweet Elon Musk made about his Shiba Inu pet, it affected the price and weight of Floki in the market.

Floki Inu has its army behind it who says the coin is not a meme coin but a movement. They have petitions signed for it. They are constantly affecting the rise of this community owned meme coin. A vibrant community has been cultivated by Floki Inu which is striving to provide clear and beneficial utility to its token.

The meme coins are the cryptocurrencies which are created around a theme. It started with Dogecoin and led to Shiba Inu coin creating a token around a specific breed of dog. Floki Inu was created as a token around a specific dog identity.

 Floki Inu’s flagship utility product, Valhalla, is the first in the crypto space to introduce the onchain NFT interactions, which will allow their players to interact in a metaverse while they get paid for playing. Play to earn is the concept around which Valhalla’s universe revolves.

With Valhalla the gamers will be able to have fun and immersive experiences while they earn profit from it. It is a 3D blockchain metaverse game with upgradeable on-chain NFT interactions in a play-to-earn environment. The players will be able to interact with one another while they explore and raid the islands of Valhalla. This is the industry’s first move in the direction.

Twitter: @RealFlokiInu
Instagram: @realfloki_inu

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