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Feliz Finance changes crypto game by creating all-in-one platform

The idea of creating this token was born from a desire to simplify the way people interact in crypto. Just imagine that you want to buy a new token and don’t have to check reddit, coinhunt, coinsniper, etc. After to go to their telegram group, ask about liquidity, team, supply, use case, audit, and tokenomics. If it’s good you have to find the chart next and to see transactions, determine the best time to buy, head to pancakeswap or uniswap, and only after that to buy. Fancynomics eliminates the need to do all these steps!

London, UK, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) Feliz Finance is creating a platform where users can do all of the above in an easy and convenient way. FELIZ token will be a major part of it.

Hold FELIZ and Earn Passive Income!

Feliz Finance boasts robust tokenomics that reward holders while creating a cryptocurrency that is set up for long-term success. The native token has an initial supply of 1 quadrillion, with a 50% initial burn before launch. 2% of the remaining tokens will go into funding listings, 6% for marketing, and 2% for airdrops; most of the remaining FELIZ coins will be on offer to investors during the presale.

After launch, the Feliz Finance smart contract will deduct 12% from each buy and sell transaction and redistribute it to various endeavors. 3% of the tax fee goes directly to FELIZ holders in reflections, while 5% goes into financing project development, team salaries, manual burns, and listing fees.

A further 2% goes to the marketing wallet to fund advertisements, banners, partnerships, and promotions with influencers. The final 2% goes to the liquidity pool to raise the FELIZ price floor, combating volatility and facilitating seamless trading.

FancyNomics: The All-In-One Ultimate Crypto Solution

FancyNomics aims to become a game-changer in the world of crypto investing. The platform introduces a new and convenient way for crypto investors to track, watch, trade, promote, and vote for their favorite tokens. They can also chat and discuss tokens with each other. The FancyNomics app aims to combine the best of different crypto platforms into easy-to-use one. One of the features is an ability to watch the charts of multiple tokens in the same window. Also users can track the price and market cap changes in real-time.

The portfolio tracker notifies users when the price of a particular coin goes up or down and facilitates them to trade in-app with auto slippage in a single click. The app also has a swap and wallet functionality available in mobile and web versions.

FancyNomics looks set to become everyone’s new favorite crypto platform and app that offers multiple tools and services that help to navigate the digital assets markets with ease. Some of the premium features on the app are only available to FELIZ holders to incentivize people to buy and HODL the token for the long term.

FELIZ holders will have premium access to FancyNomics, the all-in-one intuitive platform that allows crypto users to track their portfolio on the go. The first beta version will be available within 1 week of the FELIZ launch.

A 100% Doxxed and Rug Proof Project

Feliz Finance prioritizes the security of user funds above all else and seeks to reassure investors that they are putting their money into a safe token. To this end, the team submitted their smart contract for review and passed a full TechRate audit; a second audit by leading blockchain security experts Certik is next.

FancyNomics will be audited and certified before going live for maximum security. Cloudflare will protect both the platform and the website from threats such as DDOS attacks.

Feliz Finance team is fully Doxxed to build the trust with community members. The team plans to lock the marketing wallet for a week and the listing wallet for a month. Moreover, 100% of liquidity pool will be locked for a year in a locker on pinksale.

Where to buy?

Feliz Finance (FELIZ) will be on offer to investors during an upcoming presale scheduled for December 12, 2021, at 15:00 (3 PM) UTC. After successful presale it will be tradable on PancakeSwap.

Users wishing to invest in FancyNomics and hold the FELIZ token can access the presale link on the Feliz Finance Website or via the PINNED link on Telegram. They can also join upcoming AMA sessions in various telegram groups with Feliz Finance CEO Ms. Victoria for more insights about the token and to get answers to any other questions. Five most interesting questions in each AMA will receive a share of a $100 reward pool.

Visit Feliz Finance website to learn more about FancyNomics platform and why FELIZ can be the latest BSC gem worth holding for the long haul. To connect with the community and get important details on the upcoming presale and other developments, check out the resources below:

| Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit | Discord | Youtube | Github |

CONTACT: Victoria Tarasuk Feliz Finance contact -at-

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