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Fantastical Mr Goxx – The future of cryptocurrency with Mona Coin and HUH Token

Last week there was more than a loss in profit. Mr Goxx, the crypto-trading hamster, also passed away. Using a custom-built trading cage, the hamster was able to consistently beat us simple human investors and quickly rose to online popularity. Sadly, the treasured pet died on Tuesday, the 23rd of September. The death of the hamster was reported on Twitter by the furry financier’s official account to his 18,000 followers.

The hamster helped to establish to the general user of the internet that digital finance doesn’t always have to be a poisonous wasteland. There were many touching and heartfelt condolences online that took many forms.


Two German friends conducted this experiment to demonstrate the irrationality of success in the cryptocurrency sector, which led to the hamster’s relative financial success and subsequent popularity. Thousands of people tuned in to witness Mr. Goxx’s trading office, which was joined to his home and streamed live on Twitch. After spinning his wheel of intentions to choose the cryptocurrency he wanted to trade, he would then enter either a buy or sell tunnel on his sawdust-covered office floor to complete the transaction. These cleverly programmed electronics in his office allowed him to complete trades every time he passed through one of these tunnels.

It was the 12th of June 2021 that the teeny-tiny trader first entered the financial world. His portfolio was up nearly 20%, and he had profited by close to 100 Euros at the end of his last trading day on the 22nd of November.

Mr Goxx has even come out ahead of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), on a few occasions.

His decision wheel and buy-sell tunnels were at the heart of Goxx Capital, which was not a legitimate investment business under legal jurisdiction. Mr Goxx’s human partners underlined, with every tweet, that the hamster’s judgments should not be considered as financial advice in any form.

The intention of this experiment was for fun and not necessarily a scientific study. A lot of young people feel that cryptocurrency is their only way of creating generational wealth as they don’t have the financial capability to enter larger markets like real estate. The confusing and volatile nature of it can be harsh, and this fun project was designed to highlight the nature of the crypto sphere. Some cryptocurrencies are striving to change that, like HUH Token and Mona Coin. This token is soon to be released in 7 days.

Monacoin is a decentralized payment system that is maintained by everyone who uses it via client programs installed on their computers. The majority of the world views cryptocurrencies as speculative investments, including Mr Goxx. Monacoin is a cryptocurrency that has grown in popularity as a result of the efforts of its user community rather than a dedicated development staff or a hamster.

Monacoin users have created a slew of Mona-based online services and apps and constructed shrines to the currency, to name a few examples. This shows the power of memes and ideas in the community, from cute characters to crypto critters.

HUH, Token seems to also want to join in this trend by being the first utility meme, coined ‘utimeme’. It wants to combine its interesting tokenomics with an impressive social following to supply its holders with easily accessible wealth which anyone can benefit from. All of this is achieved whilst still being an incredible stable asset to hold. It’s stable because of the incredible $1,000,000 in liquidity that is being shared between PancakeSwap and Uniswap. Not only this, but there is a novel referral strategy built into the smart contract. This allows for HUH Token holders to gain 10% of anyone’s first purchase when they use their code. This 10% is credited as Binance coin (BNB), but this can depend on the exchange used.

Hundreds of individuals across the globe have paid respect to the hamster’s service to the crypto community since the notification of his demise. The owners of Mr Goxx claim they haven’t made up their minds about getting a new pet yet as they come to grips with their loss. Goxx Capital’s future has been the subject of much speculation. However, there has been no move or information given about the future goals or intentions. There are no plans for the time being. Rest in peace, Mr Goxx.

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