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Dogelon Mars, Kishu Inu and HUH Token: Comparative White Papers – NewsGram

An interesting difference between the two canine cryptos is that Dogelon Mars actually has no White Paper; its tokenomics are available in the frequently asked question (FAQ) section of their website. HUH Token is a new exciting cryptocurrency that has just released its White Paper for the public to examine. HUH Token is still in presale, but the window to become a holder before any potential price increase is quickly disappearing.

HUH Token has introduced an incentive for those who are contemplating joining their growing community. Those who purchase HUH Token during the presale will receive 25% more tokens than if they bought afterwards. Dogelon Mars, while unconventionally, has released its tokenomic information in its FAQs. The total supply of Dogelon Mars is one quadrillion. Upon release, they had burned 50% of their tokens in a wallet dedicated to Vitalik Buterin to ensure fair distribution. The remaining 50% was provided as liquidity on Ether and Uniswap. The idea was to provide the community with the resources to help those who have been victims of rug pulls and scams.

This amount is increased to 35% if that deposit is worth more than $1000, an exciting opportunity to accumulate tokens ahead of the curve. Kishu Inu did release a full White Paper and their information is available to everyone. In their white paper, they outline their project and what they would like to accomplish moving forward. Their three fundamental principles included are transparency and community, trust and longevity.

HUH Token

Also Read: Use These Tools to Calculate Your Crypto Tax Kishu Inu has a maximum supply of 100 quadrillion, and the amount is very high so that their holders can benefit from their reward system. Kishu Inu grants 2% of each transaction made to all Kishu Inu wallet holders. The higher the trading volume, the more rewards are disbursed.

Additionally, HUH Token are introducing their own social platform. It will be known as MetHUH, and users can generate sentiment tokens that can then be traded for HUH Tokens. Individuals will sign up as either an influencer or as a user. HUH Token have only recently released their whitepaper, and many who have been excited to see the project develop will be taking a close look. HUH Token have coined the term ‘Utimeme’ as a way to describe their token, taking both aspects from a meme and utility token. HUH Token utilises a compound growth effect for those who hold onto their crypto. Much like Kishu Inu in their whitepaper, the more trade volume that involves HUH Token the more of the token will be redistributed to all HUH Token wallets. The amount depends on the amount of HUH Token someone owns. Therefore if someone owns 0.5% of the supply, then 0.5% of HUH rewards will be reflected into their account. This ensures that fair distribution is achieved as the reward reflects the amount of faith placed in the project.

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