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Dog Race, Doge Dash Dogs of Elon–HUH Token to Launch Monday – NewsGram

The Dogs of Elon (DOE) coin increased by more than 25% early last Thursday before plummeting again later that day. Dogs of Elon is a collection of Ethereum-based NFTs that include a variant of everyone’s favourite crypto puppy, as well as a few unusual Elons and undead Doges.The collection may be purchased on Opensea, and the DOE token can be purchased on Uniswap and a couple of other exchanges. Because DOE is a proof-of-stake token, users may stake their tokens to receive rewards with no lockup time.

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The Dogs of Elon team stated that on December 1, the team would have a Tesla Model 3, equal to $50,000 of Ethereum (ETH), lucky draw, with winners picked randomly and announced on the same day. To participate, you must either own a Dogs of Elon NFT or have at least 500 DOE tokens.

The team is also working on a play-to-earn DOE game. This game is similar to Atari’s famous Spaceship game in that players must fire opposing Spaceships in order to continue through the stages. The creation of a blockchain play-to-earn game could possibly raise the value of Dogs of Elon to an all-time high.

Gamified crypto projects have gained a lot of attention in the cryptosphere. Axie Infinity, Crypto blades, and Mist are some of the best at this point in time. They all have one thing in common, however: they’re too complicated for the typical player to manage. That’s where Doge Dash tries to seize an opportunity.

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Doge Dash is a video game homage to the classic Mario sidescroller. Using their gaming prowess or by making contributions to the ecosystem, players may be able to win coins at each of the game’s ten levels. If a player can complete all of the levels, all of the coins they’ve acquired will be awarded to their associated wallet.

The difficulty level of Doge Dash increases as you proceed through the game’s several stages. In order to finish the game, you must make your way through a city overrun by zombies and other monsters.

Doge Dash has the goal of creating a library of NFT skins that may be used in the game. Their team will also continue to try growing the NFT collection, get additional influencers on board, and work to promote the asset’s adoption. Another Token that is employing a similar successful tactic is HUH Token.

HUH Token seems to have the goal of becoming the most transparent and open blockchain project. Using social media and Telegram, members of the community are making an impressive impact. The project’s development is likewise proceeding at a steady pace, and the token will release on Monday!

The HUH Token is a “Utimeme” that intends to combine the amazing potential of social cultivation with the functionality of NFT platforms and the robustness of a smart contract to create a really revolutionary product.

HUH Token

Gamified crypto projects have gained a lot of attention in the cryptosphere.

The white paper for HUH Token will be supplied this week, which will help in the establishment of the brand’s aims and functions. The HUH Token presale will conclude in a few days, and the project has received an incredible amount of deposits, which are on the verge of being totally allotted.

Additionally, it includes an imaginative, smart chain-based recommendation system, which is in addition to having a significant social following. Using a code that was provided at the time of purchase, the person who purchases the HUH Token is able to suggest an endless number of others who do not already have a HUH Token to acquire some. This referral rewards the referrer 10% of the new HUH Token holder’s first purchase from them. This ten per cent is assigned as either Binance Coin (BNB) or Ethereum (ETH), depending on the exchange that was utilised for the transaction in question.

This is important because it enables coin holders to not only generate passive income but also to increase the stability of their wallets by spreading their holdings among a number of different cryptocurrencies, which is critical for growth. The value of the HUH Token rises in the wallet over time, which means that the more tokens you keep, the more tokens you get.

HUH Token has been given an astonishing $1,000,000 in liquidity, which will be locked in for at least two years, ensuring the stability and security of the cryptocurrency market of this token.

This liquidity is divided equally between the two exchanges where the token will be available when it launches, Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

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