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D-Drops, the First-Ever Crypto SpaceDrop Launches, Aims to Revolutionize the Industry

Amsterdam, The Netherlands–(Newsfile Corp. – December 9, 2021) – D-Drops team is pleased to announce its launch, the FIRST-ever Crypto SpaceDrop project. People have heard about AirDrops, but this is the FIRST Crypto SpaceDrop. D-Drops aims to be a rare project, that is organizing Treasure Hunt event.

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Figure 1: D-Drops, the first-ever Crypto SpaceDrop launches, aims to revolutionize the industry.

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D-Drops Functions

D-Drops uses a tax on transactions to create valuable items such as boxes with cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFT’s, or any combination thereof, and digitally drops it in the physical world.

Holders can then use the DApp to locate these items and claim them. Users will also be able to create their own treasures by filling boxes and dropping them on the spot or another location of their choosing for others to collect.

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Figure 2: D-Drops, the first-ever Crypto SpaceDrop launches, aims to revolutionize the industry.

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Treasure Hunt Event

D-Drops is organizing a Treasure Hunt event for all its holders to participate in. The Treasure Hunt will have a unique NFT created in collaboration with a famous NFT artist as a prize along with other rewards.

The SpaceDrop will be live-streamed and be accompanied by a digital airdrop event which will enable people from other locations to turn into the fun as well.

Physical Treasure Drop

D-Drops will launch a physical treasure towards space. The payload of the launch will be dropped from a height of ±150.000 feet. Where the payload will land is unknown, but it will be in a 300KM radius from the launch site.

After the Treasure has landed safely on the surface of the earth, a GPS signal will be transmitted and an area of 1KM will be displayed on the Treasure Seeker DApp. The DApp also enables people to submit a claim request and claim the treasure found.

Link to the Treasure Seeker DApp:

Voting For The Location

Holders of the $DOP token will be able to vote on the location of the SpaceDrop. The vote will be held prior to the actual event. A blockchain-based voting system will be used to verify the legitimacy of the votes.

SpaceDrop Schedule

The D-Drops team aims for the Q1 of 2022 for launching the SpaceDrop as per the rough schedule.

Team Behind

D-Drops is founded by 3 Dutch brothers with previous experience in the Tech Space. The brothers have degrees in the following subjects: Aerospace engineering, Physics, Math, Computer Science, Marketing, and A.I.


The main focus of D-Drops is not to replace the physical experiences of people with the Metaverse/VR but to enhance physical experiences with AR.

Official Contract Address: 0x1316F8e84c03e236355639f4d18018c55D3E23f9



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Media Details
Company Name: D-DROPS
Contact Name: Shair – CEO & Co-Founder

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