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Creator Chain – Top 50 BaaS Platform – Expands Its Ecosystem with Its Launchpad, Blockchain Game and NFT Marketplace

Blockchain has become incredibly ubiquitous in the past couple of years, with many major companies taking on the technology in some form. However, the barrier of entry may still be too high for some companies, making this innovative solution unobtainable to smaller companies. Luckily, as blockchain has risen, there have been companies who have been working tirelessly to make it as accessible as possible. 

Creator is a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that provides multiple ways to simplify the usage of blockchain and other adjacent tech like DApps, NFT, and DeFi. Creator also provides game studios and developers services to enter the gamified NFT and Blockchain industry without a hassle. 

Debuting for a while, however Creator has taken a breakthrough when expanding its ecosystem with a variety of services including: No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp, KoiStarter Launchpad, their staking service, NFT game – DoragonLand, and NFT marketplace – Mirana are all a part of this ecosystem, each providing different services.

Creator’s Comprehensive Ecosystem

From NFT games and marketplace, No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp, Staking service, Token Launchpad and more, Creator is consolidating many excellent aspects from the blockchain and making them accessible and easy to use. 

Here is a quick look at some of their services.

Simplifying Smart Contracts with No Code Smart Contract 

Creator has recently launched the MVP of No Code Smart Contract and the first Testnet version – Magnet – that allows everyone to experience Creator’s features. With the first MVP of Creator No Code Smart Contract, users now can generate tokens on multiple standards like ERC- 20, ERC 721, and ERC 1155 regardless of their technical skill. Thanks to their protected cryptography model, their sustainable and transparent platform ensures that users’ data and transactions are secure. 

Their platform makes it as easy as filling out a form and using your crypto wallet to create a smart contract of your own.

KoiStarter Launchpad 

Koistarter makes use of the Creator platform’s native CTR as a utility token. Investors can use CTR tokens to join the Koistarter platform to participate in token sale rounds for highly-vetted and profitable blockchain projects. The Creator-backed platform will include multi-chain support across Ethereum and BSC pools, with Polygon and Creator pools to be supported in the future. 

In detail, to join upcoming IDOs on KoiStarter, users need to stake CTR tokens on Creator Staking Pool or stake CTR tokens directly on KoiStarter to be generated to their respective tier. 

KoiStarter is expected to launch on November 16, 2021 

Creator’s Staking Service 

Creator recently debuted its staking pools where people can stake CTR tokens to get more CTR tokens with APR up to 28% and the beauty is that: the total allocation reward for all staking pools is 3,000,000 CTR. Their staking service supports users in BSC and Ethereum networks with three distinct staking options. 

Blocks emit all staking rewards, and you can claim them right away and earn CTR tokens as a reward.

Play-to-Earn NFT Game – DoragonLand 

Creator proved its leading role as a BaaS platform by fully supporting DoragonLand to implement blockchain technology with the joint hands of numerous experts in the field. Creator’s Blockchain infrastructure with No Code Smart Contract, Low Code Dapp and maintenance service will open the gateway for DoragonLand to enter the gamified NFT and Blockchain industry. 

DoragonLand is a Play-to-earn 3D tower rush game that takes classic battle card gameplay and combines it with blockchain. Those who win the face-paced brawls within the game are rewarded with NFT items and tokens in real-time. 

DoragonLand will have a Chest boxes release event on November 18, 2021 2PM UTC, and will soon launch its $DOR token on KoiStarter on November 30, 2021.

Mirana NFT Marketplace & Gateway to Earnings

Mirana is also one of the first Creator’s Baas Platform use cases. In detail, Creator is also supporting technical and finance backing for an NFT marketplace called Mirana. On Mirana, you can purchase DoragonLand chest boxes and their NFT cards. As CTR holders, you can stake CTR tokens on Creator Staking pool to be generated to Private pool on Mirana and have a chance to buy NFT items at the first round. 

The Mirana marketplace provides users access to various products, like collectibles from talented artists, game characters, and in-game items from NFT. On top of buying and selling NFTS, you can also engage with staking, monopoly sales, cross-chain payment to increase earning opportunities. 

Mirana hosts numerous benefits such as high profit, low cost and time, zero coding, diversified domain, and liquidity and discoverability.

Creator has lofty ambitions with its comprehensive ecosystems of easy-to-use services, and variety of token utilities, promising to become a rising star in the Blockchain industry and bringing high benefits to long-term investors. 

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