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BuffedShiba Prepares Its Holders for the Upcoming Free NFT

BuffedShiba is making the necessary arrangements for the airdrop event set to kick off on November the 24th. As such, it continues to encourage investors to get $BSHIB token before the event’s day.

The BBC club will open more doors for the BuffedShiba platform expansion, including its plans on the roadmap. To participate in the airdrop, you need to own between 1 billion to 100 billion $BSHIB as the minimum requirement; however, you can hold more than 100B $BSHIB.

The amount you have determines the level you will gain during the airdrop, divided into three: Gold, silver, and bronze. The set token for you are 100 billion, 10 billion, and 1 billion for the gold, silver, and bronze levels, respectively.

The primary benefits of any user being a member of BBC include gaining advantages for the future play-to-earn like minigame, getting free drops from the upcoming Swole Dogs NFT collection, and automatically joining future giveaways. It will incentivize the membership of its NFTs further by offering its holders automatic participation in the giveaways for top tier IRL prizes.

Strengthening Its Community

The platform’s roadmap still holds more for its community, expecting that BBC members will have better returns as it progresses. The BuffedShiba platform and its token $BSHIB are community-based, giving their complete control to users. The NFT airdrop is a chance to bring more people on board with its objectives, including renouncing its ownership of the $BSHIB token.

It also campaigns for fair participation in its ecosystem, putting in place different measures to avoid bias. As such, one of its notable features is the anti-whale feature, preventing any holder from owning more than 0.5% of $BSHIB’s total supply, protecting small investors.

$BSHIB is a token inspired by Shiba Inu, willing to provide worth to its users. During its fair launch on PancakeSwap on October 25, the platform locked 100% of its initial liquidity into the Unicrypt liquidity pool. A point worth noting is that it does not distribute anything to its team, advisors, or private sales.

Boosting $BSHIB’s Value

$BSHIB is a deflationary token that burns 1% of each transaction. This never ending mechanism already burned 5.5% of the max supply in the first three weeks of its existence. Additionally another 1% goes to BNB/BSHIB liquidity which is also burned. This process is getting popular among the crypto sector to improve the value of coins.

The $BSHIB developers believe that its marketing strategies combined with community efforts will shoot the token up to being the top memecoin in the market. The team also ensured the project’s smart contracts underwent audits by the blockchain security firm, Solidproof. The contract is built on the Binance Smart Chain, leveraging the advantages of a BEP-20 token. You can view the full report from the firm here.

Get your Metamask wallet ready for the chance to be part of the BBC club free NFT airdrop; you can buy the $BSHIB token on PancakeSwap. Follow BuffedShiba on Telegram and Twitter for more updates on what is happening in its ecosystem.

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