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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, The SandBox, Gala Price Analysis ‒ 28 November Roundup

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Bitcoin rises 5.65% in price within the day.
  • Ethereum sees gains of 6.81% and raises its price back to $4,300.
  • Today’s top gainer is SAND, recording impressive gains of 27.23%.
  • Not far behind, GALA gains by 18.37%.
  • Global crypto market cap raises by 5.64% up to $2.57T.

It seems the major coins all seem to be making a grab back up, seeing green charts from the last twenty-four hours from the sudden influxes after the day’s end. The global crypto market cap seems to have risen back up, closing the distance between itself and $2.63T as it had recorded the previous week.

This time, investors are a lot more careful to celebrate the joys of green charts displayed among our top 5, but it certainly was a pleasant surprise to see Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance (BNB) raising their prices once more.

Bitcoin’s sudden resurgence

After all, investors’ hopes seemed to have been lost; Bitcoin intends to come back with a bang as it raises itself to last week’s high of $57k. After seeing a 5.64% price increase since this morning, Bitcoin has risen back to $57,340.

Bitcoin charts
Source: CoinMarketCap

This surprised investors as they passed through the day with no hopes of Bitcoin resurging because of the recent downpours of effluxes. After making a $3,000 gain within twenty-four hours, Bitcoin’s total market cap rests at $1.08T, and its trading volume per twenty-four hours sits at $29.30B.

We hope these influxes continue to rise among Bitcoin’s charts, but it seems that we have to continue exercising caution to keep our hopes low in case the prices fall once again.

Ethereum and BNB show off green charts

Although ETH and BNB aren’t of the highest price values, every dollar counts to make the values flourish. Ethereum and Binance investors seem to be overjoyed after a recent influx of 6.82% and 4.22%, respectively sending the currencies into the green.

Ethereum chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

Ethereum recovers some lost ground towards $4.5k by raising back to $4,330, a price change of $275 since this morning which owes a major congrats to the leading altcoin. Its market cap has risen by 6.12% up to $513.20B, while its trading volume by the day is at $17.18B.

Binance Chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

Binance seems to have crossed the $600 mark after seeing an increase from $574 this morning. Now, it rests at a standstill at $610, with its market cap raised to a humble $101.96B and its twenty-four-hour trading volume at $2.53B.

SAND and GALA record extraordinary gains

After shifting up the ranks a few notches, SAND has been recording high gains throughout the day, dominating the top gainers’ list after seeing influxes of 27.23% within the last day, raising its prices to $7.52. 

Source: CoinMarketCap
SAND Chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

After AVAX, MANA, and GALA, SAND has always shown high gains and has dominated the charts several times, establishing itself within the Top 40 currencies.

GALA, however, has been on the gainers’ list many times, showing influxes as high as 18.37% today and 88.78% throughout the week. GALA bows to no one on the top gainers’ list, and many people root for it as its twenty-four-hour trading volume rests at $2.38B.

Final Thoughts

Although the sudden rising of values was certainly a pleasant surprise for most people, the recent fluctuations have thickened investors’ skins to avoid gaining too much hope about their price values. The crypto market has been lifted and beat down many times, and the more it happens, the more investors become immune to the varying prices.

While Bitcoin has been on a correction course over the past couple of weeks, BTC whales took advantage of the immense opportunity to buy the dip. One whale bought BTC 6,770 worth $384.29 million to his wallet in less than two weeks. The third-largest BTC whale has been buying Bitcoin in chunks for nine straight days, the latest purchase being on Thursday when he added another BTC 105 worth $5.96 million.