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  • Ripple XRP Vs. SEC case surfaces again.
  • Judge asks both parties to submit 3 papers of accusations and defence. 
  • Ripple Labs CEO fully optimistic with new decision. 

For those upon the crypto industry and community for sure knows that the case between Ripple Labs and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The case has been ongoing for a long time. 

However, upon the last court’s call, the final judgement and hearing was due only by January of 2022. Unfortunately, no idea what triggered the fact that Judge Sarah Netburn orders both the parties to submit certain documents.

Pertaining to the fact that these documents have to be submitted as soon as possible with a deadline by 8th December. 

The Requirements

Accordingly, Judge Sarah Netburn reveals that in such a privilege both the Ripple Labs as well as the SEC has to submit in letters regarding their arguments against each other and their defences too. In addition, the Judge terms that these letters should be within three pages strictly. 

Now it seems to be a crucial point for both the Ripple XRP as well as the SEC as they have barely a five days time to sort this out. 

Besides, it was previously noted that the courts decisions previously were in fact in support and favour for the SEC deliberately. 

Moreover, the Ripple Labs request to SEC to produce certain documents like emails and SEC employees crypto wallets were not granted. 

Also, whatever documents the SEC put forth, the Ripple termed them to be completely irrelevant to the current case. 

The CEO’s Optimism 

Despite all this, yet the CEO of Ripple Labs, Brad Garlinghouse is completely positive upon this approach. In addition, he terms now both parties are being put into a good set of questions by the judge unlike the previous court hearings. 

Also, the CEO terms that the judge is finally coming to realize that the issue is not only for and regarding Ripple alone, but implies a much larger scale. 

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