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2 Billion SHIB to Be Burned on These Conditions, 7 Million SHIB Burned Already in December

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Yuri Molchan

Prominent SHIB accounts say they will burn two billion SHIB coins if these conditions are fulfilled


  • One billion SHIB may be burned soon, seven million burned already
  • Here’s when another billion SHIB will be burned

Steven Cooper, owner of the first crypto record label, Bigger Entertainment, whose team burns SHIB coins spent at the online store, has named one condition on which one billion SHIB will be burned at their next “burn party.”

Another prominent Shiba Inu account, “Ask The Doctor,” has also announced two conditions on which they will burn one billion SHIB.

One billion SHIB may be burned soon, seven million burned already

Steven Cooper has posted on his verified Twitter handle that, in December, seven million SHIB tokens have been burned, i.e., sent to an address from which nobody can withdraw these coins, thus putting them out of circulation forever.

He has also tweeted that should 7,500 Shiba Inu holders spend $5 at Bigger Entertainment, the above-mentioned platform, where users can get music, merch, tickets to events and NFTs, then a whopping one billion SHIB tokens would be destroyed at the next burn party. The event will take place live on Dec. 26.

According to the tweet, so far 13% of the targeted sum has been collected and almost two weeks remain to reach the goal.

According to another tweet, seven million SHIB have been burned by his team already this month.

Here’s when another billion SHIB will be burned

As covered by U.Today on Dec. 13, another prominent Twitter account dedicated to SHIB, “Ask The Doctor,” also tweeted two conditions that need to be fulfilled so that another billion coins can be burnt.

The first one was that the petition on that requests that SHIB be listed by the Robinhood trading app has reached one million signatures. At the moment, it has slightly over 500,000 signatures.

The second condition is that the tweet must be retweeted 25,000 times.

The Shiba Inu community has been requesting that Robinhood add SHIB to its basket of assets for several months already, expecting this listing to take the coin to new highs immediately. The most frequently named price level for SHIB after that is $0.01.

Earlier, U.Today reported that the Shiba Inu community burned approximately two billion SHIB tokens in November.

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